go where and do what: a ballad for Abraham Smith


photo 1: in the old days say the magic word (hint: they're all magic)


photo 2: in the old days yet you call us each by name


photo 3: in the old days we forgive you


photo 4: in the old days touch me


photo 5: in the old days I am not a chapel or a one-night cheap hotel, I love children, the color blue, and 20 questions


photo 6: in the old days touch me


photo 7: in the old days the presidential library


photo 8: in the old days hold her hand


photo 9: in the old days quit your books


photo 10: in the old days do not contact us, in the old days do not let us know exactly where you are, in the old days do not let us know exactly what you are doing, in the old days have fun, in the old days be back by when you are done, now, tell us everything



Photo Credit: Miriam Wilson


Nathan Parker's first book, The Locust Diagrams, is forthcoming from Noemi Press. He lives with his wife and three children in Northport, Alabama, where he teaches English at the University of Alabama.

Miriam Wilson is a sophomore studying Fashion Design at the University of North Alabama. She and her five siblings grew up on a farm in central Alabama, where most of these pictures were taken. Her passions are impromptu jam sessions with her siblings, photography, bass fishing, and riding horses.