Spoke Too Soon: A Journal of the Longer is in it for the longer, the spoken, and the conversation. Spoke Too Soon is a talker. Spoke Too Soon wants to be at a campfire with you. Spoke Too Soon has big senses. Spoke Too Soon is loud. Spoke Too Soon takes up space. Spoke Too Soon is on a mission. Spoke Too Soon gets ahead of itself. Spoke Too Soon is up to big things.

Spoke Too Soon features just a few longer poems at a time, and features curated audio and close readings of those poems.

Spoke Too Soon thinks of Peter Gizzi saying: “be radical: have a long thought.”

Spoke Too Soon thinks of Rachel Zucker saying: “My daydreams and the sensory data of the world around me become ephemerally woven into the long poem as I read so that I feel myself more fully present in the poem even as my mind wanders” and “long poems change the mind.”

Spoke Too Soon thinks of John Berryman saying: “Both the writer and the reader of long poems need gall, the outrageous, the intolerable—” and of Kevin Young saying “long poems are nothing if not loyal.”

Spoke Too Soon loves long poems and thinking about what the brain does in them, what the reader does in them, where the campfire is. Spoke Too Soon thanks you for reading. Spoke Too Soon is edited by Kelin Loe and Leora Fridman.