we haven’t a room to spare but we have

a visitor, no wait, she never


I wanted a room to spare

as a grade school child I ruled

recess, how a bell tower gets rung

but no one

comes, this is a mistake, I

cried into the phone, come

back, again

the light switch dangling

between us, I put the

cracked agate there &

instead of adopting a name for what

doesn’t arrive, poured out the human train

when I don’t have

anything to come home to

I let my finger get caught

inside the train door

was only trying to pull

my tote bag through, I have

proof, but you won’t

will you—

when I am alone it’ll be just

like you & you & you




am first off better with the sea—

suppose we were dreaming together

& after our water-weights were

removed we sprung-up

higher, the probability

of this is the opposite of false

if men came close to conditioning love,

if men lose power, men not attended

to men if no mother

go more animal, more neutral

human, akin to strength &

a willingness to survive, they

don’t care if they don’t have to

            know about their feelings

if no urge to connect, no connection

can be made







                                                            semantic willingness

                                                            to survive, if ghosts were among

                                                            men, a creature isn’t even negotiable






went into the manic theater

& walked out the last 10

minutes of the movie, that’s how

much I didn’t care & didn’t

know if someone besides me

could ever be so un-invested


                                    quickly clung to abnormalities

                                    as a way to describe obsessions

                                    but then when I’m lying into the

                                                sink I know what has shown


                                                cannot leak blood

                                                straight through skin


been brokenhearted but it

took years to sort that out

was always too tough & had too much

anger to identify particular

emotions, as if sorting

through the cluster fuck

could become a therapeutic

party, a click on training wheels

can’t quite master the balance,

sometimes in bed

think about

how much I

want out of my situation

then can’t imagine my life



certainly wouldn’t be more happy

or more willing to share a future

just feel hammered around the curtain

an enclosure, a flap, a blue panel of

sadness, sometimes I worry I won’t

ever be able to forgive &

with that we do not part ways but

follow one after

the other

onto a









s             h      i      p


in parallel

                                                dimensions & competitive infrastructures

cross a big channel &

am parted by shame

sometimes I’m wind

to write

to redeem my flaws

to buoy up above them

s  k  y     s  i  l  k  e  n     i  o  n

winded by the tumultuous path

acquired by chance—

I don’t believe in fate—

I’m not heroic enough


guided by patience of seminar—

w/o the way to z, I could have never arrived at A—

as the written word has become

all I know of communication

no room for anything different





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                                                to break out of habit

engrained in ridiculous affectations

that carry

no meaning

a prolonged death when it is one of stoning


                        the pigeon-holed queen, what mutton shall we

                        cook tonight? I want to be

                        rescued by the Dali lama, or at least

                        tended to neck & grain—

                        fraudulent myths of the dynamic brigade

                        sleep, fuck, eat— remember


when that was


            THE LIFE

Paige Taggart lives in Brooklyn and is mactaggartjewelry.com and the author of Or Replica and Want for Lion.